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Welcome to my website! If you’re a curious sort, you’ve landed on the right page. Because so am I!

For those who followed my previous blog, “Trace of Whimsy,” what you’ve stumbled across here is its sequel—an evolution of sorts. I’m stoked to once again share my writing, insights, humour, and take-on-things-in-general with you through my blog—and more.

And to new curiosity-seekers, welcome!

Writer. Storyteller. Poet.

Tracey Wimperly

So, what’s different or new?

Call Me Curious captures my new, expanded approach to creative expression. A medley of stories—humorous, provocative and polemic—is what you can continue to expect with my blog. Check out some of my older blogs, too—my favourites and reader-faves.

I’ve been pursuing other forms of writing and expression from poetry to children’s books and lyrics.

Curious? If so, I invite you to take a few moments to browse through the pages on my site.


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When we are bubblicious again

When we are bubblicious again

Eventually, we will have company over again. Our covid confinement has me wondering, though, if my hosting muscles have atrophied to the point of stupor. Dare I hope that muscle memory will kick in, and I’ll instinctively remember how to entertain? Like everyone else,...

I wrote a period piece

I wrote a period piece

Hello, everyone! This is your period speaking. Hold on, men - wait! Before you all scuttle off in horror or punch “delete,” assuming this blog will appeal only to women, grab a tall cold one and just chillllaaaxxx. I am punctuation, not menstruation. Now that I have...


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Passion is rare; curiosity is everyday.

~Elizabeth Gilbert