Personalized poetry capturing the essence of someone in  your life

Have you ever had the experience of searching for the perfect card for someone and you can’t find the right one? You paw through the racks, trying to find a card that expresses the sentiment or mood you want to convey? Every once in awhile, you will come across one that cries out, “Yes! That is exactly Joe!” When that happens, it’s a serendipitous find.

If you’re like most people, finding the perfect card to express what you really want to say can be elusive. That’s where “Essence” comes in: I will write a short poem that is specifically for that person.

A poem for special occasions or to capture a spirit or mood

An Essence poem can be written for anyone – or even a group – and be for just about any occasion. Think promotion or a birthday, a shower, a graduation – just about anything.

You may want to give someone a poem for a reason other than a special occasion. Perhaps that certain person needs to know how much their friendship means to you. Maybe they could use some words of encouragement because of a setback or disappointment. Perhaps you want to express your love or gratitude or pride. No matter what the reason is, I can help you turn your thoughts and ideas into a poem.

Essence is the core nature of a person. It’s the unique collection of qualities that are often hard to put into words but when combined, they describe character.

Here’s how the Essence process works:

You have someone – or a group of people – in mind you’d like to gift with a personalized poem. You and I set up a convenient time to talk via phone or Zoom. The conversation usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

We’ll talk about what you’d like the poem to be about. Is there anything in particular going on for this person that prompted you to want to gift them a poem? Is it a special occasion (like a wedding, a baby shower, a birthday, etc.)? Or perhaps your friend or family member needs a boost of confidence, some words of encouragement, an expression of love? Any topic can be turned into a poem.

I’ll ask you some questions about the person(s) who will be receiving the poem to understand some core things about them – i.e. their essence.

Once I’ve gathered enough insight from our conversation and feel I have a good sense of the person’s essence, I’ll write a poem. Poems generally are no longer than one page.

Then as soon as it’s ready, I’ll send a paper “gift-worthy” copy of the poem to you in the mail.

Send me an email to let me know you’ve received it, and I’ll email the poem to you. Then you can share the digital version with whomever you wish.

Poems by donation

I don’t charge a fee for this service. I love to write and express myself creatively. My mission is to spread some joy by providing people with this unique way to express themselves.

I do want to pay it forward, though: I ask that you make a donation of any amount to one of my three favourite charities: Dress for Success Vancouver, Alzheimer’s Society of BC or the BCSPCA. You can also donate to a charity of your choosing.

I would appreciate it if you would confirm which charity you have supported so I can show the good you’re spreading.
Thank you.

My writing style

I write free-form style. The poems come from both head and heart, and are intended to make the recipient feel loved, happy, appreciated, inspired or encouraged. The poetry can convey optimism, offer healing or hope, and when appropriate, I’ll sprinkle in some playfulness and whimsy.

My background

I’ve spent my entire career as a communications professional – writing plans, coaching leaders and facilitating workshops. When not working, I also write (and write and write). I have penned more than 300 blogs on topics ranging from family life, to women of a certain age, to dozens of interviews with all sorts of interesting people. The topics that capture my imagination are varied, and are reflected in the name of my blog site, Call Me Curious.

I’ve written flash fiction (short stories running 1000 words or less) and poetry. I’m the author of a children’s book called Fridays with Fitz and edited a resource book for leaders, called Credible: The Six Leadership Conversations.

I care about your privacy

As well as sharing part of your story with me, I require your email and home addresses so that I can send the poem to you. I will not share your personal contact information with anyone.
You can expect to be asked if you’d feel comfortable allowing me to post your Essence poem on my website – either anonymously or with your name and photo.

Please be assured I would never post your poem – or photo – without your permission.