Bounce forward


Bounce forward

Verse 1
The life you could count on
Went sideways for awhile;
You broke away from solid anchor
Set loose at sea for miles.

You drifted far away from safe
And could no longer see the shore;
Mighty waves and darkness
Was all you were living for.

You tried hard to understand
Why your life had gone this way;
Grasping at answers to figure out
How you could survive another day.

It’s not how far you fall
It’s about how high you bounce;
The power is within you
When it really counts.

Look how far you have come
Not how far you have to go;
You rise higher each time you stumble
You’re stronger than you know.

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FRiday’s girl


Friday’s girl

Verse 1
You’re the girl who’s into him
But he treats you like a whim
Once a week you get your fix
But for him it’s just for kicks.
All you want, is one night a week
To kiss his lips, to touch his cheek
when together, you’re in sync
When he leaves, gives you a wink.

Friday’s girl don’t want much
Friday’s girl craves his touch.
Friday’s girl gets such a rush
(Oh) Friday’s girl has got a crush.

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the story
in her face

North Vancouver

The story in her face

Verse 1
You stare at yourself in the mirror
Asking who do you think you are?
You’re not sure who’s answering back
But you hear a voice from afar.

I’m the past and I’m the future
I’m the familiar and the strange;
I’m naivete and wisdom
The embodiment of change.

Have the years been good
Have they turned out as they should?
Do you still repeatedly discover
You are your best and greatest lover?

Have you stopped to take a look
At the author of your book?
Lines of laughter, tears and grace
There’s a story written in your face.

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the universe
is talking

West Coast

The universe is talking

Verse 1
What are you doing to be kind to yourself
When you feel lost and can’t decide?
Do you stop for a moment and just get quiet
To ask why you’re so terrified?

Can you take the time to ignore the noise
To get honest with how you feel?
Away from the uproar and confusion
Is someone worthy and true and real.

The universe is talking
But you must listen to hear;
It whispers an urgent message
Into your reluctant ear.

The words lose their way
As they’re breathed into you;
They vanish without a trace
Unable to get through.

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